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Hello, my name is Norman and this is my towing and tow truck blog. My first experience with a tow truck was when I found myself trapped in the Outback. The wheels of my caravan had become completely submerged in wet sand and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get them free. I tried digging at them with a spade, placing pieces of heavy cardboard beneath them and revving the engine. Nothing worked. I eventually called the local tow truck company who came and pulled me free. I was so impressed that I started to take an interested in their magnificent equipment. Since that time, I have become something of a self-taught tow truck expert.



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What First-Time Motorists Need To Know About Towing Services During Winter

During winter, the weather in Australia, characterised by poor visibility and snowstorms, can increase road accidents. If you are a driver, you might be caught up in the poor winter weather and end up backing into a ditch or veering off the highway. The freezing rain and snow can also cause your car to stall unexpectedly. Nonetheless, you have the option of calling roadside assistance or your car insurance. However, these options can take time, but your local tow truck company can come in handy. Here is what motorists need to know about towing services during winter.

Safety When Waiting

Every motorist or road user wants to get to their destination safely. After making a call to your preferred towing company, you have to wait until assistance arrives on site. When waiting for the tow truck, it is recommended that you stay inside your vehicle, especially if you stalled on the side of the road. However, if your car breaks down in the middle of the road or too close to the highway, you should get out of the vehicle and move to a safe location. The reason is that another vehicle can slide off the road and impact your car while you are still inside. Most importantly, your safety is paramount when waiting for the arrival of a tow truck.

Flat Battery

The winter conditions can cause your battery to run out of juice unexpectedly in the middle of nowhere. Notably, a towing service provider tries to start your vehicle using surge-protected jumper leads. However, the car might fail to start because of other causes, such as a faulty starter, electrical connections and a failed charging system. In such cases, a towing provider tows the vehicle to a roadside repair assistance or service centre of your choice.

Fuel and Tyre Change Assistance 

If your car runs out of fuel when you are on the road, some towing companies can supply fuel at the roadside. However, safety-related concerns might make it impossible to refuel the vehicle on location, especially when there is no petrol station near the scene. In such cases, an expert tows your car to the nearest fuel station within the service limit of the firm. The fuel purchased at this point is usually at your expense. If you require assistance because of a flat tyre, the towing service provider can arrange to replace the flat tyre with the spare in your vehicle. In some instances, it might be impossible to change the tyre, such as when the spare tyre is deflated or when the vehicle is in an unsafe angle or position. In such instances, the car is towed to the nearest or your preferred service centre at your cost.