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Hello, my name is Norman and this is my towing and tow truck blog. My first experience with a tow truck was when I found myself trapped in the Outback. The wheels of my caravan had become completely submerged in wet sand and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get them free. I tried digging at them with a spade, placing pieces of heavy cardboard beneath them and revving the engine. Nothing worked. I eventually called the local tow truck company who came and pulled me free. I was so impressed that I started to take an interested in their magnificent equipment. Since that time, I have become something of a self-taught tow truck expert.


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Questions To Answer Before Choosing An Appropriate Float For Your Horse

As a horse owner, you will find having a horse float crucial in moving it from one location to another. The float creates a safe and secure environment where the animal can relax during transit. It also allows you to move the animal over long distances by towing the float to a vehicle, as opposed to foot movements that would be tedious to the horse. However, you should also select the ideal float design specifications for the perfect moving experience. Here are some questions to answer and help you choose a float for your animal. 

Has Your Horse Travelled In A Float Before?

Moving around in a float is not something that comes naturally to horses. They need training and experience to stay in a confined space for hours. For example, an inexperienced horse might be excessively jumpy and even try getting off during the ride. For the first-time float owner, you should check the sturdiness and safety specifications of the float before choosing it. 

What Was The Brand Of The Float You Used Before?

You should also consider the brand and make used in the past. There are many float manufacturers in the market, and each has a track record for the quality of the equipment they deliver. If you have used a particular brand before, the chances are that you understand its benefits and disadvantages. Consider any mechanical problems you might have had with a specific brand and the frequency of the repairs. You can look at the reviews offered by other users on online platforms. Asking other equestrians for their opinion of the brands they have used will help you pick the one to best cater to your needs. 

How Many Horses Are You Moving?

The number of horses you aim to transport affects the size of the unit. If you are moving more than one horse, pick a large float with a sturdy axle system to handle the weight. The size of the horse will also come into play here. Large horses need huge floats for maximum comfort in transit. 

What Vehicle Will Tow the Float?

It is also good to remember that you will tow the float with another vehicle. Check its towing capacity and other specifications beforehand. It will help determine the perfect float for your needs. 

These questions can guide you in choosing the perfect float for your horse. Reach out to a horse float servicing company to learn more.