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Hello, my name is Norman and this is my towing and tow truck blog. My first experience with a tow truck was when I found myself trapped in the Outback. The wheels of my caravan had become completely submerged in wet sand and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get them free. I tried digging at them with a spade, placing pieces of heavy cardboard beneath them and revving the engine. Nothing worked. I eventually called the local tow truck company who came and pulled me free. I was so impressed that I started to take an interested in their magnificent equipment. Since that time, I have become something of a self-taught tow truck expert.



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Choosing a Mechanic After a Traffic Accident

Choosing a mechanic is something you need to do after you've had a traffic accident that requires your vehicle to be towed. The towing company is on their way, awaiting your instructions as to just where they need to take your vehicle. But who is responsible for the repairs? Will your insurance company pick up the bill, or is it going to be out of your own pocket? There are a few things to think about that will help you with your decision.

Your Vehicle's Warranty

A new vehicle might still be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. A used vehicle can still be covered by the dealer's warranty. No matter how comprehensive the warranty might be, it does not cover damage incurred by an accident. If at a later stage, it's determined that a manufacturing fault (ordinarily covered by the warranty) contributed to or caused the accident, then the issuer of the warranty might have some liability, but your warranty generally doesn't play a role in where you have your vehicle repaired.

Your Insurance

Your insurance policy is different from your warranty. It's best to call your insurer immediately, (before your car is towed) to clarify their process. For repairs to be covered under your policy, you might have to take your vehicle to a pre-approved mechanic. In this case, tell the tow truck driver where the vehicle is to be taken, and they will follow your instructions.

Your Own Mechanic

Maybe you already have a mechanic. You know them, and you know the quality of their work, and so they would be your first port of call when repairs are needed. The choice is yours, so, again, just direct the tow truck driver which mechanic to transport your vehicle to.

No Mechanic

Perhaps you've never had to take a vehicle to a mechanic in your life, and you wouldn't know where to start. You're under no obligation to take their recommendation, but the towing company will already have a good working relationship with a number of local mechanics, so you could simply follow this advice.

Can't Decide

When you really don't know the best mechanic to have your vehicle towed to after an accident, it can be taken somewhere for storage until you've made a decision. It might be possible to have the vehicle towed to your home and deposited on the driveway, or it can be taken to the tow yard. Please remember that additional costs will be applicable, beyond the initial towing. You will be charged storage fees if your vehicle is held at the tow yard, and even if your vehicle is taken to your home, you will have to pay additional towing fees when it's ultimately transported to a mechanic. 

Deciding what to do with your vehicle is not easy in the confusion of a traffic accident, but it's a decision that usually needs to be made rather quickly. Call a towing company for help transporting your vehicle.