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Hello, my name is Norman and this is my towing and tow truck blog. My first experience with a tow truck was when I found myself trapped in the Outback. The wheels of my caravan had become completely submerged in wet sand and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get them free. I tried digging at them with a spade, placing pieces of heavy cardboard beneath them and revving the engine. Nothing worked. I eventually called the local tow truck company who came and pulled me free. I was so impressed that I started to take an interested in their magnificent equipment. Since that time, I have become something of a self-taught tow truck expert.


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What to Consider When Choosing a Car Towing Service Provider

No motorist wants their vehicle to break down on the road or to be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, these are all possibilities that can happen when you're driving your car. Rather than leaving things to chance, it is best to prepare for the bad situations. 

One effective way of making the moments after a car breakdown or a car crash less frustrating is to find the right car towing service. Having the right car towing service on standby will ensure you get prompt, convenient and reliable towing service in times of need. 

With that said, how can you find the right car towing service? Here's what to consider. 

Proximity to your home or workplace

Waiting for long hours while you're in need of a car tow can be a stressful experience. That's why it is crucial for you to find a car towing service that can provide roadside assistance within the shortest time possible. The best way to achieve this is by scouting around for a car towing service located close to your home or place of work. This way, you can be sure that help is nearby whenever you're stranded on the road.

Don't pick a particular towing service provider simply because they are located in your area. Go online and read reviews from past customers to find out if they are trustworthy and reliable. You can even call or email prospective towing providers to have any concerns that you may have addressed before a road emergency arises.

The various towing methods used

Not all cars are the same, so no two broken-down or accident-damaged cars require the same towing method. The main towing methods used today are flatbed towing, tow-bar towing and dolly towing. Each of these towing techniques has its advantages and disadvantages. Thinking about which type of towing method suits you best is vital to ensuring you choose a towing service provider that matches your requirements.

The extra services you may require 

While car towing is the primary service that car towing companies provide, you should find out what additional services they offer that you might actually need during a road emergency. Extras like flat-tyre change, vehicle storage and more can really come in handy.

The payment options available to you

There's nothing worse than having money you can't spend how you want. This can happen when your towing service provider doesn't accept cash, credit cards or whichever form of payment you want to use to settle your bill. To avoid this, it's best to know what your payment options are in advance.

The best car towing service provider is the one that will meet your needs in the best way possible.